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3 Reasons To Book Your Summer Senior Session

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Summer senior pictures sessions seem to be the most popular time when it comes to getting senior pictures.  My summer calendar fills up quickly with upcoming senior sessions! There’s no wonder why those are the first senior session dates to go though, because there are so many reasons why you should schedule your senior’s session over the summer! 

3 Reasons to Book a Summer Senior Session in Evansville, IN

There are several reasons you should totally book your senior’s session over the summer, but here are top 3 reasons we see at Klem Photography.

1.) Gorgeous Summer Light!

The absolute most beautiful light in the Evansville Indiana area is in the summer. Sessions are started early in the day to beat that summer heat and you still have the rest of your day to enjoy it. You also have less chance of rescheduling for rain or snow.

2.) You don’t have to worry about missing school or sports practices

I was never aloud to miss school in my family unless there was a true emergency, but these days are so different. My kids miss school for all sorts of things and so do many of my seniors. BUT if missing school or sports practices is a no way in your household like it was mine, then a summer senior session is perfect! There is no worry of missing a test or having to sit out at the baseball game that evening for missing school. There is less stress for everyone including mom because pictures are done before your senior year even begins.

3.) Hello Summer Tans

If shorts and sundresses are high up on the wish list for your senior picture outfit ideas, then a summer session is definitely perfect for you. Evansville IN seniors naturally have that summer glow from being outside and enjoying the beauty of nature and swimming. Just don’t go get a spray tan right before your session or stay out too long in the summer sun to get a sunburn right before your senior session.

senior girl standing in flower garden with white crop top and pick skirt placing hand gently on hair

 If you want to get senior pictures off your to do list early and enjoy senior year, then a summer senior session might be perfect. Click here to schedule your consult so we can chat about your perfect senior session here in Evansville IN and surrounding areas.

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