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What to do with your hands during your senior photoshoot? A Senior Posing Guide by Klem Photography

Have you ever went to have your pictures taken and stood there waiting for your photographer to tell you what to do with your hands during your senior photoshoot? It happens more than you think. Being in front of the camera can already be awkward enough. My seniors love that they don’t have to worry because I am going to give them posing directions that not only look natural, but ensure they have some unique, beautiful and natural pictures at the end of their session. That is why I have created this senior posing guide to help you during your senior photoshoot.

Why Are Senior Pictures Important?

Senior portraits are an excellent opportunity to capture both who you are as a person and your own unique style. There is so much to be excited for during your senior year and it all deserves to be documented through an amazing portrait experience. Think about this, when is the next time you will have a memory documented like this one? probably at your wedding! Why should you wait until then to make sure you have some pretty cool photos to hang on the wall?

If your a parent reading this you know how hard your senior has worked for this moment. It seems like just yesterday they were a baby and now they are getting ready to go out into the world and leave their mark. I want to make sure I help you celebrate and commemorate this moment with portraits you are proud to hang on your wall and show off.

One of the ways to accomplish beautiful portraits it to ensure the senior feels beautiful and confident in their posing. I never want you to walk into your session wondering what to do with your hands during your senior photoshoot. Which is why I am going to show you some easy tips with this senior posing guide.

1.) Start with sitting – Senior Posing Guide

Sometimes when posing a senior, I like to start them off with sitting so that it eases the awkwardness of a photoshoot with someone they have never met before. In my early days, this was always the case because I just scheduled a session online or social media and then showed up. Usually this was the first time these seniors had even seen my face! Now my seniors know me before they even meet me in person because I do my consults via zoom and they we have spent some time getting to know each other and going over the senior posing guide. However, if you still feel awkward at your session, it’s always ok to begin with sitting!

High school senior girl in jeans and blue crop top sitting on white steps for senior posing guide by klem photography evansville senior photographer
high school senior girl sitting for senior posing guide

2.) Hands In Pockets – Senior Posing Guide

If you wear jeans to your photo session this is an easy one. I always like to mix up hand placement so that you get a variety of poses with one simple change. Simply placing your thumbs in your front pockets is a great way to get started, along with the way you stand. You can then shift your thumbs up to your belt loops, one hand in your front pocket and then shift both hands all the way around to placing the tips of your fingers in your back pockets.

senior girl posing with thumbs in front pockets of jeans for senior posing guide by klem photography evansville senior photographer

2.) Power Posing – Hands On Hips – Senior Posing Guide

Another one of my favorite easy poses is to start with the hands on the hips. This pose makes you feel so powerful and confident. You Can do both hands on both hips, then move one slightly lower so there is more variety, and then place one hand straight down to slightly touching your leg or up behind your hair.

3.) Use of Hair or Hats

If you wear a hat to your session you are in luck! You can do a few simple poses with your hands placed gently on the hat! Same goes for if you have long hair. Just gently place your fingertips at the end of your hair to give your photos a soft but natural feel.

senior girl standing in flower garden with white crop top and pick skirt placing hand gently on hair
girl holding hair wearing black bodysuit with pinstripe dress pants

If all else fails just grab a wall, fence, tree, have a seat, twirl, and have fun. This is your time to shine and your senior portraits should not be uncomfortable.

I hope that this senior posing guide gave you a few tips for your next senior photo session. If you liked what you saw post a comment below on what you thought was the most helpful!

Be sure to check out the website and book your consult call so that you do not miss out on Henderson’s best senior portrait experience!

senior girl in football stadium with hand under chin leaning against fence

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