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Newburgh IN Senior Pictures For Guys

When its comes to senior pictures in Newburgh IN for guys, there are several factors you want to consider to make sure you capture his personality and style.

Here are a few tips:

1. Involve him in the planning process. Schedule a consult before his senior pictures when he is available so that I can meet him & ask him questions about what he wants to do

2. Show him images on our website. Many of my senior boys might cringe at the thought of formal, posed photographs. To get them excited, we used a relaxed and casual approach.

3.) We also encourage our senior boys to bring items that reflect their personality, such as sports gear, musical instruments, or even their pets. Incorporating these elements into the shoot will help them feel more comfortable and allow their true selves to shine through the pictures.   

4. Go shopping!  Maybe he’s been wanting some new kicks or a new outfit- it’s his!

5. Tell him how important this is to you as a parent.  You’ve waited 18 long years for this & it would mean the world to you if he would just do it for you.

6. Encourage him & explain that these portraits may not mean much now, but they will later down the road. Explain to them that these pictures will serve as a memento of his high school years. Helping them understand the sentimental value of these pictures can ignite their interest and motivation.

7.) Choose the right photographer. Selecting a photographer who specializes in senior portraits and understands the unique dynamics of photographing boys can make a world of difference. We create an environment where they feel comfortable and confident, bringing out their personality to capture genuine emotions. This results in photos that both the senior and his family will cherish.

When it comes to senior photographers, you will want one who will listen and customize the creation of your child’s senior pictures around what your student loves and what you envision together.  We plan our seniors’ sessions around their personality, their passions and style all while keeping mom’s own wants in mind too, especially for guys. It really is a collaborative process & one we all love seeing come together. You can see more of our guy senior picture blogs here!

Summer Senior Pictures in Newburgh

Ryan’s summer senior session started in the heart of downtown Newburgh Indiana. We met along the riverfront and grabbed a few photos at The Landing. We then began walking the streets, stopping along this building with some really cool brick! These were some of my favorite pictures! We then drove to downtown Evansville and got some pictures on the rooftop with that bold blue sky, city buildings, and old courthouse in the background. I love how his navy shirt pops with the colors and artistic features of the background! We are able to create some really unique pictures on a rooftop and its one of my favorite locations for guy senior pictures!

Urban Senior Pictures Henderson KY

Although Ryan lives in the country, he told me right away he was a city boy. He really wanted to incorporate the city and urban vibes. We made the trip to Henderson, KY to the old union station and grabbed some awesome photos. I really love how we were able to create 3 unique looks in 1 area!

Ryans last outfit was a big surprise! His dad had told me during the style consult that Ryan had a full on Spiderman outfit and could climb things like Spiderman. I asked his dad if he would please have Ryan bring it and HE DID! This will go down in history as one of my most favorite senior pictures ever!

Castle High School Senior Pictures

Ryan is newly graduated! He was a class of 2023 senior from from Castle High School in Newburgh, IN. I loved working with your family to create some awesome senior pictures! Thank you for choosing Klem Photography to be your senior photographer 🙂

Looking For Senior Pictures Newburgh IN?

We work with high school seniors from Newburgh IN, Evansville IN, Darmstadt IN, Melody Hill IN, Highland IN, Boonville IN, Chandler IN, Webster County, Henderson County, Posey County, Hopkins County, Union County, Gibson County & Daviess County – basically all around Newburgh Indiana!  And we can’t wait to work with you too!

The first thing you will need to do is book a consult to chat with Heather.  This will be a quick zoom call to make sure we are a good fit to work together.

We’ll go over all the details about our custom senior sessions, and hopefully by the end of our time together you will have a date on our calendar for your senior pictures here in Newburgh Indiana!

Planning your senior pictures? Check out why you should book a fall senior session here on our blog.

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