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The Truth About Cheap Senior Pictures In Kentucky

Your best friends cousin got a new camera and is offering cheap senior pictures. They want your daughter to model for them and will do their senior pictures for $50. Sounds like a great deal right! You need senior pictures for your daughter, and they need clients.

But there are some things that you should not cut the budget for in life, and senior pictures are one of them. At the end of senior year, all you have left are the photos. Your child only graduates high-school once and you cannot get this time back in their lives!

Are Senior Pictures Really Worth The Investment?

Senior pictures are a once in a lifetime experience. You cannot get this time back. Think about it, when is the next time your going to have a big celebration like this one? Its likely going to be your childs wedding day. Do not wait until then to capture professional portraits. Cheap senior pictures can be a great deal, but the reality is, these pictures are on the internet forever, and what if you wind up with someone who doesn’t know what they are doing?

At the end of the day, the quality of pictures is way more important than the quantity. You want something you can be proud to hang in your home. You want to brag on your baby every time your best friend comes over for a visit and ask how college is going for your child. You want to walk by that canvas every night and pray over your child.

Senior pictures are about telling your childs story not only for them, but for you, and the generations that come after. Think about the shoeboxes of photos that we had when we were kids. I loved looking at old photos of my grandparents. Our kids don’t have that because we live in such a digital world. Professional photographers offer albums and image boxes that can be passed down for generations. These are things you cannot get with cheap senior pictures.

Working with a professional photographer is worth every penny. It’s absolutely true when they say you get what you pay for. We love incorprating all the fun unique things about your child whether its their favorite car or pet to their favorite book or instrument. We take the time to listen to what you really want to include the things your child is passionate about in their senior portraits.

Here’s What You Get At Klem Photography

1. Posing assistance & direction

2. Professional lighting to make you look your best

3. Comfortable and natural expressions

4. High quality & beautifully relaxed images

5. Attention to detail

6. A fun, personalized experience for your high school senior

7. In person design & ordering appointment, so you aren’t left guessing what to do with your beautiful images

8. Custom wall art and albums to hand down one day

9.  Help every step along the way of the senior portrait experience

10. Fun!  Did we mention that?!

How Much Should You Budget For Senior Pictures In Kentucky

That’s a little tricky to answer because every photographer has a different business model. Price is based off a variety of factors depending on what all they offer and how much it cost them to run their business.

At Klem Photography, we have a variety of senior sessions to meet everyone’s budget. Most of our clients spend $3000 but that is not a requirement. It will vary based on the type of session you want. We also offer payment plans and break up that cost along the way.

Think about this though, while this can be a big investment, its a one time thing. As parents, we spend thousands on new appliances that break down or new livingroom furniture that will end up in a yard sale or in the trash down the road. Your seniors photos will be passed down for generations to come. Think about your great grandchildren who will be flipping through the pages of that gorgeous senior album that is still intact and just as amazing as the day your purchased it.

So What’s Next?

If you’re looking for an amazing senior experience from a professional photographer, we would love to work with you! We work with seniors from all around the Henderson Kentucky area including Madisonville, Owensboro, Evansville, Webster County, Hopkins County, Newburgh, Dubois County and so many more!

If you’re interested in booking a senior session, lets book a consult to chat real soon!

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