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Average Cost of A Wedding Photographer 

Average Wedding Investment with Klem Photography: $4900

If you are questioning "how much should I spend on wedding photography?" you already know how stressful finding an answer can be.
Because when you search Google for 'Average Cost of a Wedding Photographer', different blogs will tell you the average cost of a wedding photographer is "around $2000" but you don’t get any additional information on what all that gives you such as:
The type of photographer (beginner, professional, how much experience they have)
Their style (true to color, dark/moody, light/airy)
Type of photography products (digital, prints, albums, canvases)

These are all important questions you need to know when choosing the right photographer for one of the biggest days of your life!
I want to give you a little more advice to make sure you get the answer you’ll be happy with and you’re getting everything you want and deserve from your wedding photographer
Once you read this article you will know:
• The different types of wedding photographers.
• How much they each charge on average.
• How they will likely make you feel.
• The factors that influence cost.
• How much you should invest in wedding photography based on your ideal experience.

How much should I spend on my wedding photographer?
When trying to decide how much you should spend on a wedding photographer, you need to instead ask "what do I really want from a wedding photographer?"
When you shift the focus to what you really desire from your wedding photographer, you begin to understand what you love and value about your photographer instead of just thinking about price. This allows you to ensure you have an amazing experience while also sticking to your price range, or adjusting your price range to fit your photography needs.
Now, lets look at the different types of wedding photographers, their average cost, and what all factors play into that and overall how they are going to make you feel. After researching several types of wedding photographers and what value they deliver, I've broken them down into six categories:

Brand New: $0-$500
These are likely photographers who are just starting out and have not shot a wedding before. Typically, they are looking to build their initial portfolio. This is an uncertain category because they will likely not be able to make you feel confident in their ability to perform at a wedding or deliver high quality images. They may not be able to shoot in low light, or quickly adjust their camera settings in different scenarios. You risk not getting all of the moments captured you had hoped for on your big day!

Beginner: $500-$1000
These wedding photographers may have shot a wedding before but they are still learning and may not be able to provide consistent images. Typically, they lack the ability to provide natural posing that provides a good experience. You may not get all of the wedding day images you had hoped for as most still use beginner level gear that provides low quality images for wedding photography.

Amateur: $1000-$2000
Wedding photographers in this category likely photograph a few weddings each year. They can pull off a wedding with an okay experience and provide decent images. They are likely still developing their style.

Advanced: $2000-$3000
This is where the majority of wedding photographers are which is where google gets the average number. At this level, wedding photographers may still be part time or photographing lots of photography categories to gain experience, but they have good gear, education, and a good portfolio so that you know you are receiving a good experience with quality images. This is a great level for couples with a tighter budget who still want high quality images.

Expert: $3000-$5000
Usually full-time photographers who are established. They have likely focused down to one or two categories of photography (such as weddings and seniors) so that they are able to focus on client experience to ensure that you not only get high quality images, but also eliminate stress and anxiety. At this level you are typically getting beautiful canvases and wedding albums along with your digital images.

Luxury: $6000-$10000
Full time photographers who have a high demand and do several high-profile events each year or provide international destination wedding services.

So, How Much Should You Invest in Your Wedding Photography?
Well, you need to ask yourself these questions:
1. How much do you value your wedding photos and experience?
2. Are you having a standard wedding, luxury wedding, elopement, or destination wedding?
3. What does the photographer include in their basic package?

If you're having a standard wedding (not a destination location) and value your images and experience, you should spend anywhere from $4000-$6000.
ALSO: If you want a photographer that may be out of your budget, ask about payment plans. Many photographers offer payment plans to make it easier on you to invest on your photography while relieving the stress and anxiety of being able to afford your photographer.

Factors That Influence Cost: 

Time: If you are paying at the higher end for your wedding photographer, they are not only spending the 8+ hours with you on your wedding day. They are spending extra hours planning, creating, editing, and meeting with you. This can average over 75+ hours per wedding. 

Photographers Cost: Photographers not only have to make a livable wage but they also have expenses such as gear and the maintenance on it to provide you the best images, editing software, website hosting fees, business insurance, and travel expenses to name a few. 

Taxes: Photographers have to pay taxes on all of the money they make each year as well as pay tax on goods provided. In Kentucky self-employment tax is 15.3%

So let's break this down: A photographer has determined they need to make at least 50k per year after taxes and they can photograph 40 weddings a year. That photographer needs to charge at minimum $2000 per wedding. That photographer is actually only making less than $15 per hour to capture one of the most memorable days of your life. Hiring a photographer who charges a little more and is able to take on less weddings not only serves the photographer, but it adds to your client experience as well. You won't be waiting 10+ weeks to get your wedding photos back. You won't have to worry if the photographer is prepared. You don't have to worry if the photographer got that shot. Photographers who have priced themselves accordingly are able to focus more on you as a client to ensure you have a day that is as memorable, magical, and stress-free as possible. 

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